2003 10 15 Michael Moore


Headed into the city last night to catch Michael Moore at Northwestern. Pretty cool way to spend the evening. We hit Philly’s Best for grinders then drove mindlessly around campus before locating the hall.

Oddly enough, it actually increased my optimism rather than depressed me with the facts. The facts are slowly trickling out about the Bush regime, and the horrible atrocities that have been committed. I can’t imagine being a parent, and having your child heading overseas for such loose and pathetic excuses. But seeing such an enourmous crowd gathered to hear him speak was pretty exciting.

Moore made the point that soldiers make a pact with the country. They are willing to die to defend our country, but that they trust the country not to put them unnecessarily in harms way.

I’ve been digging Mr. Moore’s work since “Roger & Me” (1989). I remember hanging out at my friend Travis’s house and for the first time experiencing a movie that brought up all these issues that I knew were around, but I had no background to understand them.

Hopefully next fall will be a turning point, that the voting public will actually remember the insideous activities of our puppet in command and make a more informed choice. At least there are a couple of relevant candidates out there that can make a stand this year.

And to top it off, arriving at work and finding out that the cubs blew it in the 8th inning just really started off the day in a fine, fine way.