2004 02 28 Packing


Spent the day clearning out the room, and dumping everything into the basement. Tomorrow, the plan is to dig through the 13+ boxes of books, and hopefully find a few that can be disposed of. I’m very particular w/ getting rid of books, they’re tied to too many memories of where I was when I heard of a particular author, or when I read a particular book.

I remember the first time I finally found Bukowski and Selby in the Ball State libary. Books were much harder to locate back then, there was no Borders, Barns & Noble, or amazon. I had to make the hour plus drive to Lafayette just to find something by Hunter S. Thompson or Mark Leyner. I haven’t had all my books in a singular location in over a decade, and I’m looking forward to filling a few bookshelves.

Still ripping music, filling up the 120 gig HDD on the file server. The amount of books and music I own is pretty staggering for someone who holds onto nothing of sentimental value. I relate to the world via music and text, it’s all I got going for me.

I’m looking forward to just digging into the new job and getting started, the feeling of waiting and anticipation drags me down and distracts me from current projects.

Spent a good deal of today thinking and planning. One thousand years from now, my life could be reconstructed from the endless To-Do lists that are constantly re-organized, re-edited, and re-prioritized.

Trying to get a couple more hours of work before passing out. I’ve had a stack of DVDs that I need to get to some day. I havent’t sat down and watched a movie in quite a few weeks.