2004 03 29 Shrink


Up later that I should be, can’t seem to sleep much lately. It’s been a few days since I’ve gotten more than six hours. That used to be no biggie, and I was cranking on the coffee, but I’m down to at most a single can of diet coke a day for caffeine intake. This is just brain-not-shutting up energy.

Thinking a lot about the future, the next step, the next plans, plenty to do, just need the time to do it. We actually made the plunge and got cable tv, along with the high-speed access. I’m hating myself for all the time wasted. I couldn’t even enjoy the sopranos (that and the shield are the only reason I even wanted cable), my brain just kept chugging along in the background, digging in little reminders of time wasted.

Still haven’t found a decent health club in the area. There are plenty of big-ass Bally’s, but I’d rather have a smaller, independent place. I can feel my muscles shriveling from a lack of activity for the past month. I was benching and squatting more than ever in my life, and it’s going to take more catch up time just to get back what I already lost.

Been reading about a few small, independent computer companies and really think that’s the way I need to go. Especially after meeting a few of the consultants that are out there, I think I could really make it happen. I’m not worried about the technical side, but I go have quite a few (personal) networking skills to work on.

Time, time, time . . . it all comes down to time, and never having enough of it.