2004 04 16 Spoiled


I could easily get spoiled by days like today.

76 degrees and gorgeous. I swiped Jen’s iPod and loaded in with some new music I got last night (Grant Lee Phillips and My Morning Jacket) and headed out to walk along the lake front. It’s so great to have access to Lake Michigan only 10 minutes away. There’s no way I’d want to move to the western suburbs and lose that. It was nice to see folks outside, enjoying the weather. It was mostly yuppie housewives and old folks, but there were a few artists here and there sketching the water and the million dollar homes that exist along the lake in Evanston.

It was good to be away from computers for awhile and just remember how much I enjoy music. I’ve actually been playing a bit more as well, getting the classical guitar chops in shape (slow, painfully slow).

Time to get a bit of work done before Jen gets home. I believe deep-dish pizza is in order for this evening.