2004 05 21 Peaceful Night


Just a good, peaceful evening. White Sox game on low (beating Minnesota), a few windows open, and nice steady rainfall in the background. Jen is out for the evening, so I’m catching up on some mundane IT tasks.

This is good, this is calming, the quiet is very much enjoyed. For further excitement, I expect a fair amount of reading will round out the evening following the games conclusion. Yep, this is the pure, burning excitement of my life.

Just had a strange flashback to Florida, coming out the library on a summer evening. Usually hanging out with John. Strange to think, I’d just be leaving that state about now, if it hadn’t been for a ridiculously cancerous professor. Knowing I’ll never have to see that bastard again for the rest of my life makes this evening all that much better. I do miss the few friends I made down there, but learning how they’re kicking ass (one of them also ridding themselves of the same bastard professor) is good enough for me.

It seems that the only hope you have when dealing with such petty individuals as this professor is to simply remove oneself from the situation, and proceed to be more successful than they are. I don’t particularly measure success with money, but I know that this individual does, and knowing that I’m better paid then he is can be mildly amusing (but then again, I do have a work a full week, not the 3-day schedule that he whines about, but I don’t find myself running sound for dance performances, trying to scrape up some extra cash). This professor is a very petty and pathetic man, and recent insight has added unfortunate knowledge to just how pathetic he is. But I no longer have to deal with it, and he has to live with it.