2006 03 28 Louisville Trip


Made it back from Louisville with no issues.

Both flights were uneventful (in the best way) with no delays and the brother showed up with an airport pickup that Costanza would be proud of. Since we had skipped breakfast we made our way to Famous Dave’s BBQ for an exceptionally large lunch. I settled on the chopped pork and beef brisket with some fine sweet tea. Sweet tea and BBQ are a couple of the south’s saving graces.

We did some grocery shopping, and picked up the goods to make ‘White Trash’, an amazing crack-like snack that is impossible to stop eating. We did a bit of shopping and hit my favorite music store, Earx-Tacy. Since I tend to buy everything online, it’s pretty hard to find a decent music store. They usually have something in stock that I’ve been looking for. We spent the rest of the time playing some Trivial Pursuit and grabbed some pizza from one of the few semi-decent pizza places in town. As good as the BBQ is in the south, the pizza is equivalently bad. We finished the night watching ‘Good Night and Good Luck’. I’ve been meaning to check out that film for awhile. It was a very solid film, the music, lighting, and performances were all very fine.

The food tradition was continued by heading to the Bristol Bar and Grill for their Sunday morning breakfast buffet. It’s a massive amount of food and kept us content until the 2 lb. rib-eye steaks that finished off the day. We drove around the outskirts of Louisville and then headed downtown to take some photos down by the river. We stopped by the half-price bookstore and made it home to light the grill and managed to have the steaks ready by 8:30 pm.

Monday was pretty quiet. We had some coffee and doughnuts and headed downtown to walk around and take some more pictures. The morning was pretty bright, and we got a few decent pictures before the clouds rolled in. We attempted to check out a little Italian place, Lentini’s, but left without ordering food. The cook was reading a newspaper in the lobby with filthy pants and dirt stains on his hands. The waiter who showed us to our seat wore black dickies-brand pants and a stained shirt. The dishes and glassware were dirty to the point where we could scrape items off of the plates. The story goes that Frank Sinatra used to dine at this restaurant, but I have a hard time believing it.

We skipped out of town, and headed to the Ceasars casino, just across the state line in beautiful New Albany, Indiana. The casino was fine, if not odd how it pops out of the middle of nowhere, but the town of New Albany was frightening. It reminded me of many of the towns where I grew up. There are many beautiful old homes, but the surroundings have disintegrated as whatever industry has left town. It was sad and dismal

We had a rather adventurous trip back to the airport, but managed to make it in plenty of time for our flight. It was great to get out of town for a bit and visit the brother.