2006 09 24 Another Early Am


6:00 AM and I’ve been up for a few hours already. Watching a video by Lyle Lovett on YouTube (She’s Already Made Up Her Mind). I remember seeing this video on a tiny little black and white TV at my parents old house. It made me a huge fan of Lovett’s music, and I’ve been lucky enough to see him several times live and even assisted with the sound for a performance while I was at the Interlochen Music Camp (Summer of 1999). The internet can be such a mindtrip. I just stuck in the keyword ‘Interlochen’ into flickr, and found photos of the recording studios were I spent the majority of my time that summer. Seven years ago, seems like a lifetime, and the person who I was then is a stranger to myself now. As much as I love music, I don’t miss hauling racks of gear around to record lousy music.

I think this all got triggered by a yahoo news story about an artist named Chris Smither. During the summer at Interlochen I was asked to do live sound for him in a small theatre in some little arty community in northern Michigan. I remember hauling all the equipment in and out of the place myself and thinking that I was pretty much tired of being a roady.

The bad plus have a great list of tracks in memory of John Coltrane’s birthday. So I have a new playlist ready to go for my afternoon trip to the library. I’ve been listening to Coltrane for about 17 years, and I always find something new.

The battery is just about dead on the laptop and gym will open in another 45 minutes. Time to get moving.