2007 10 11 Over There


Last night at home with Jen, we had the Jazz cable music channel on while she was reading and I was working on the laptop. I heard “Over There” by Terence Blanchard and was stunned. I sat starting and the awful slideshow displayed by the channel and listened to the 7+ minute tune without moving. It’s rare that I hear much newer Jazz that hits me like this did. Afterwards, it was a quick visit to the Amazon MP3 store and I was all set. I’ve listened to the entire project “A Tale of God’s Will (Requiem for Katrina)” twice now and the tune “Over There” at least six times. It’s an amazing work, and I’m lucky that I came across it. I’ve been too busy with work and school to keep up with much new music, and most of my time listening to Jazz involves making my way through a hundred or so John Coltrane projects and bootlegs.