2008 03 01 A Tiny Victory


Had a fantastic evening yesterday. Got out of work and picked up a quick meal before heading out to the library. It was great to have a couple of hours to simply think and knock out some work. I finished a paper for school and had some time to think and decompress.

Counting down the weeks of class (T-13) and can’t wait to be done. It certainly wasn’t what I hoped it would be, but it was a gamble like anything else, we’ll see how it pays off.

After the great night, I faced a work day of pounding my head with seemingly impossible problems of integrating Active Directory with a current ldap authentication plan. The current setup is riddled with enough security issues to keep me awake at night if I let myself think too much about it. Every bit of research turns up another block so research progress came up with a lot of options, and many of them troublesome. I feel like I’m starting to get an idea of what will need to be done, but the how is elusive. I’m very happy to work where I work and the challenges are great. I just have to keep focused on months down the line and how to get things to fall into place.