2008 04 06 Baby Huey


Been listening to a lot of funk and soul music. I like digging up artists from obscure areas of the US where I never imagined funk to emerge. Listening to ‘The Baby Huey Story: The Living Legend ' right now. Nice touch, James “Baby Huey” Rame was born in Richmond, IN (which if I remember correctly became the home for one of the Graham Brothers) and moved to Chicago at nineteen.

Baby Huey was 400 pounds of soul, with a great voice and apparently impressive stage presence. The horn lines, particularly in ‘Listen to Me’, remind me of some horn work from Frank Zappa. The cover of ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ is probably unnecessary, it’s pretty hard to match the original.

I’ve been collecting a big list of funk/soul compilations lately and have another 15 or so queued up for purchase.