2008 04 27 Clarity


I missed nearly a month of gym time due to shoulder surgery, but I tried to be in the best possible shape going into the procedure. Over the summer I did nearly two months of two-a-day workouts and lifted up until the day of getting sliced (8/10/07). Just about a month later (9/6/07) I was ok’d to go back to the gym, and went in 20 lbs lighter and much weaker. During the month out of the gym I walked with my arm in a sling and did rehab exercises 3-5 times a day, but it was nothing compared to having 300 lbs on the bar.

It helps to look back and see progress. It’s easy to frustrated, and let the ego get in the way when I feel like I’m not progressing fast enough. I’m pretty happy with the fact that during the entire time in school, I missed maybe 1-2 weeks of workouts. Five weeks left of class, and I’m ready hit the gym even harder. It’s the one thing in life that keeps me sane, its the one activity that gives back exactly what you put into it.