2009 05 19 Gppw4scc1


Day off from the gym, but Jen and I walked this morning. It was good to get up early and have a couple of hours to make some progress on a few projects before heading to work. I have a list on my desktop asking why am I not working on … mathmatica, music, ruby.

There has been a long, bitter and angry history with mathematics in my past but the first time I saw mathematica in college I thought it was fantastic. When the home edition became available this year I snagged it, but haven’t put much time into it. I’ve starting working through some of the tutorials. I really like the idea of using to plot some work issues such as capacity growth and bandwidth usage. I like the idea of forcing myself to break down the numbers and understand what we really need.

I also started getting some music projects happening. I have about half a CD finished and four more tracks in their alpha state. I have a pretty clear path on two of them and the other two are still amorphous. I want to finish the project in the next month and then take some time to focus on ‘big music idea’. Not that it’s very big, but I want to work on a piece with new sound design rather then just getting something up with stock sounds. In college I focused far more on sound design and miss that part of music.