2009 06 17 Vacation Day01


Heading out of Skokie around 6:00 am and made it through the city with no issues. It was a smooth trip until reaching Merrillville when we saw a notice about an accident on I65. The interstate was closed several miles south so we took a detour through Crown Point down state road 55 and picked up I65 again in Roselawn.

Just a bit south of Lafayette we stopped at Jen’s friends house who was home working at her parents farm. I really miss the space in Indiana. I like being able to look out for miles in the distance over farmland.

After a short visit we were back on the highway. After a stop at Max and Erma’s we hit a couple of Half-Price bookstores and a children’s bookstore. Good thing that we’re driving this vacation since the trunk will likely be loaded with books by the time we get home.

We checked into the hotel and watched a bit of the White Sox/Cubs game before heading out to Bazbeaux Pizza. I only went there once in college, but I was able to take the folks there when they had the family reunion in Indianapolis and everyone seemed to like it.

We walked a bit around the Mass Ave area after having a pretty decent pizza at Bazbeaux. I like the area, it’s laid back and pretty casual. There’s a little jazz tavern called ‘Chatterbox’ here that I like. Indy’s downtown area seems to be doing a bit better than it was the last time I was there, maybe three years ago. We decided to finish off the night at ‘Dave & Buster’s’, playing air-hockey while catching the replay of the Sox game.