2009 06 28 Vacation Day02


Had a pretty awful night of sleep. I rarely sleep well for the first couple nights of vacation. It’s a big mental adjustment trying to get my brain to relax. We slept in pretty late and then headed out to walk around the area. We headed west towards the canal walk and the state park. We caught a nice film about Alaska at the Omnimax theatre. I can watch nearly anything in Omni format. It was a good way to get out of the heat for an hour or so.

We grabbed a late lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery and walked around Circle Center Mall before heading back to the hotel to catch a nap before the Indian’s game.

Had a good time at the Indians/Mudhen’s game. It was a bit warm to start, but we had decent seats and it was a good crowd, not obnoxious. Victory Field is a nice park and within walking distance of the hotel. Hard to beat.

Having a good time on vacation so far. We’ll see after a couple more days. I either get freaked out by the spare time or I fall into it hard and never want to go back to work.