2009 06 29 Vacation Day03


Got up fairly early and made the trip to Louisville. It was an easy 90 minutes on the road and we made it in time for breakfast at the North End Cafe. We hit the local Half-Price bookstores and after loading up on McAllister’s sweet tea, we headed out a bit south of the city to the Zappo’s outlet store. The store portion is tiny compared to the massive warehouse. It looked the length of two football fields. It’s not the fancy space out in Las Vegas where you can take the tour, but Jen and Paul found a few decent deals.

The day was flying by so we headed back to Paul’s house and started preparing for dinner: 1+ lb porterhouse steaks, grilled corn, grilled potatoes, grilled salmon and a salad. It all turned out great. After watching two episodes of ‘Freaks & Geek’s’, we headed off to sleep with mighty-full bellies.