2009 07 02 Vacation Day07


Started the day by visiting the nearby Harley Davidson factory in Kansas City. I’m not a bike person, but I appreciate craftsmanship and HD’s ability to gardner customer loyalty.

After the trip to HD, we hunted down a local bookstore (Prospero’s) where Jen found a couple of treasures and then walked around downtown KC. We found the library, which has a really impressive display of large books that decorate the outside of the library’s parking structure.

We also found a neat little market and picked up some fruit.

We headed back to the hotel and walked over to the crown center where we had a really unremarkable lunch. We took and hour or so out to check email and catch up with the outside world.

We headed out to Kauffman Stadium to see the White Sox vs the Royals. It lives in a sport’s complex similar to Philadelphia where there is a baseball stadium next to a football stadium, etc .. It was really out in the middle of nowhere with nothing around it. It felt a lot more like a nice minor-league stadium. Burhle pitched a great game and we had great seats, nothing could have been better.