2009 12 07 W15d1


This is supposed to a be complete week off from lifting. After taking the weekend off, I had to get in and do something. I’m going to focus on getting in some cardio and doing more ab work and recovery work on my shoulders.

I spent nearly 30 hrs over the extended weekend working on music. I finally got around to reading and watching a bunch of tutorials for the Native Instruments software and have a better handle on things like Kore2 and Reaktor. I need to but more time aside to crafting sounds, but lately I’ve been far more interested in creating new music rather than sounds.

I did finish one tune and worked another one from start to finish. I’m hoping to get another EP finished by the end of January. It’ll be more soul & funk influenced. Since I never got to play in a funk/soul band, I’m taking the time to create my own virtual one. Figuring out horn lines and bass riffs has been a lot of fun.

I have a few other electronic/ambient tunes hanging around the hard drive. I need to pull those together and will probably have another CDs worth of material by spring.