2009 Vacation Day05


Got up early and spent the day doing mostly touristy stuff. We started at the Arch early enough to beat the crowd. I’ve been surprised at how few people we’ve seen on vacation, short lines everywhere. The view was great and the trip up/down was cramped but not awful.

We headed out to the Botanical Gardens for a few hours and walked around. It was a pretty decent day weather-wise, but after a few hours it warmed up and my blood sugar crashed. We headed back to the Loop District to get lunch at Blueberry Hill. Got a pretty tasty burger there and the place had a nice group of displays, everything from Beatles dolls to Cardinals memorabilia.

After lunch we were both pretty wiped out, so we headed back to the hotel to nap/cool down and then spent an hour or so catching up on email and 1000+ RSS feeds. We then headed across the street to the stadium. It was a beautiful night for baseball and a really good sized crowd (37k+). Albert Pujuls knocked out two home-runs including a 454 footer. Several former White Sox (Aaron Rowand and Juan Uribe) and now on the San Francisco Giants, so we rooted against the home team. It’s a really great park and should look sharp on TV for the All-Star game in another week-and-a-half. There was a guy sitting next to us who had drove from Pittsburg to see the game, he is hitting four games in four days and then on to a few west coast games. Nice way to spend a few weeks in the summer.