2010 04 15 Reading Progress


I blew through Lipsky’s book on David Foster Wallace in two sittings. The times that Lipsky inserted himself or his thoughts was distracting, but it was great to dive into Wallace’s head for a nice chunk of time. I was happy with how ended, it would have been easy to be morose, but instead I was left with much happier memories. I like thinking about how much DFW was enjoying the process of writing and how he was looking forward to working for a good length of time.

I have six other books in progress right now, but I should knock out a couple of them this weekend. It’s slightly nutty, but I like the mix right now. I was planning to be working on more music this month, perhaps next week when Jen will be gone for a couple of days. Right now my evenings are nothing but a White Sox game on in the background and a book in hand. Things could be much, much worse.

Overall things seem pretty solid. Made some great progress at work and got rewarded for it, and today finished off a nice project that took longer than I hoped, but it was done the right way.

Yesterday someone at work asked how it is that I seem so happy all the time. I really didn’t know how to answer that. I feel like I’ve been pretty buried for awhile but it’s starting to burn off like fog. It comes and goes in waves, but right now things are well. It’s strange to be happy, but I never lose the feeling of other shoes dropping.