2010 04 29 Drive to 400


Every year I come up with a crazy workout goal to keep things interesting. A couple of years ago it was going through Eric Cresey’s plan and last year it was going through Dave Tate’s Strong(e)r workout series (which ironically didn’t leave me stronger, but I think it did improve overall physical fitness).

These are the totals from the last time I tested max lifts.

Bench    335
Squat    375
Deadlift 385

This year I want to push those three lifts to either hit or get close to 400 lbs.

Bench    365
Squat    405
Deadlift 425
        1195 - Just shy of the 1200 lb club

Not great numbers for a powerlifter, but not awful for a mid-30s computer geek.

The workout plan will be close to Wendler’s 5-3-1 workout with an emphasis on assistance exercises that focus on grip strength (my biggest deadlift weakness) and lower-back health. I’m codetty confident in the squat and deadlift goals, but benching makes me nervous since I don’t have a spotter. Once you get 300+ lbs balanced over your throat you better be codetty confident that you’ll be able to push it back up.