2010 06 28 Deadlift PR


Hit a personal record of 405 deadlift this morning. I wasn’t planning on maxing out, I had done a pretty heavy squat set two days earlier and my hamstrings were pretty sore. I had also only had about five hours of sleep, so conditions were less than ideal. I ended up feeling pretty strong after a few warm up sets and decided to go for it.

I still want to add about 20 lbs by the end of the year and I’m starting to feel optimistic that I may reach my goal. My grip strength has been the biggest weak point, so I’ve been working a lot on my grip and lower back strength and it’s been paying off.

I get a nice adrenaline buzz when I really push myself with heavy lifts. I had the headphones going and I was able to concentrate even with a half-dozen or so ladies gabbing away right in front of me. I’ve been pretty happy with my progress this summer. I haven’t made a lot of big leaps, but it’s been pretty steady growth with a reduced amount of pain.

“Do very hard things, just for the sake of it.” - Brian Eno