2011 01 02 Xmas Break 2010


  1. Trip to Indianapolis to hit bookstores and see downtown. Decent hotel right on the circle. We checked out the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library which had some great photos of Vonnegut. We also did a quick drive-by of the Fountain Square district which is probably much better nicer when it’s warm enough to actually walk around.
  2. Trip to Louisville to visit the brother. We hit a few bookstores and ate very well as always.
  3. Lots of cooking: rib-eye steaks, deep dish pizza, spaghetti sauce, shoulder roast, stroganoff. Lots of heavy, cold-weather comfort foods.
  4. Checked out the Chicago Botanical Gardens to test out some camera stuff.
  5. Got Jen to sit through Season One of The Wire. It’s easy to forget just how tremendous that show is.
  6. Spent too many hours finishing up the last music project and zero hours thinking about work.