2011 01 15 Kickoff

After finishing the last music project, I was starting off the year wallowing with a lack of plans. From all the time spent in school, I seem to work better with a plan that involves projects ramping up and down. Without it, it just feels like one endless stream of days and I end up like David Byrne, “My god, how did I get here?". I need the list of tasks checked off and projects complete to assure myself that I’m not wasting time.

Getting my crap together generally involves one very long text file of all the books I want to read and projects I want to do. These get pared down into reasonable tasks that go into whatever I’m using to track work (so for ‘Things.app’ has held that place for two years, but I’m positive I’ll just go back to a todo.txt).

It was good to have a bit of break over the holidays and spend time with Jen. I feel like I got a nice bit of inertia going with the last music project and I to take advantage of that and work on some projects that I need a lot more motivation to get myself to do.