2012 03 13 Changing Puppet Paths


Making some progress in getting our puppet manifests under a capistrano script. Everything has been under version control for awhile, but it’s been my plan to get a proper deployment configuration set up.

Before I could get capistrano set up, I needed to make sure that puppet was running out of a new path, since cap is going to be removing and recreating symlinks.

mkdir /etc/puppet/current
mv /etc/puppet/* /etc/puppet/current

    tagmap = /etc/puppet/current/tagmail.conf
    modulepath = /etc/puppet/current/modules

The missing piece was remembering that we run the puppetmaster out of passenger and passenger was not finding the path changes.

Adding the following to:

ARGV << "--confdir=/etc/puppet/current"

A restart of httpd and all was well. The puppetmaster was running out of the new configuration path. The next step is to deploy the configuration via capistrano.