2012 05 29 on Yardwork


Spent the holiday weekend working on the yard. We tried to find landscape service, but they were all either too busy to return calls or continually canecelled meetings. Hence, DIY.

For the last two months, I raced home from work to shovel down a quick dinner and get outside and work until it turned dark. Everything from breaking up90 square feet of concrete to pulling out and endless number of daylillies.

With a half-day and an extra day off of work, I was able to knock out the last chunk of work. According to the fitbit, I put 26+ miles of walking w/out even leaving my yard. I put down around 9 cubic meters of soil and spread 22 cubic feet of mulch. I also built two raised garden beds and filled them with a mix of vegetables and flowes.

Now I get to wait out the grass seed and water and hope that I’m not filling in my large dirt hole with sod in another month or so.