2013 03 09 Progress


Two months down in 2013 and I like to check in with year goals and progress. The primary priorities this year are coding and math. I’ve pushed aside reading aside from lunch hours and have done almost nothing with music. Spare time is so minimal now, I have to make the most with what little there is.

By the end of day, after dinner, cleanup, a bit of time with the little one, I have maybe an hour to work. I’ve been spending most of this time working on code. I have completed codecademy work in both ruby and python. I think I’m to the point where I need to stop doing little excercises and start working on something real in order to learn anything.

Math progress is much slower. Everytime I dig in I find myself going backwards and finding more and more of what I have forgotten. I’m looking to find the most practical and useful applications, but many of the tutorials use primary concepts that I’ve long forgotten. I still get the panic when looking at a page of symbols that I have no framework for. So I continue to go backwards and do more exercises to try and remember so much forgotten work.

I am happy with the focus and discipline. Priorities are much clearer now and answering the question of what next is simple. Although progress is slow, persistence is all I have now. Marking off each day of the chain by doing ‘something’ and having the confidence that this is all building into something I can only start to envision.