2013 04 06 Pushing Forward


I’ve been thinking alot about operations lately, how to move forward and how to keep people intersted in the work that they do.

One of concepts that makes me really respect how esty performs is their focus. They seems to have a great ability to focus on a core set of software and development processes and not be distracted by every new option that comes along. There is a constant stream of new software, ideas, new libraries, etc … that offers a better, simpler, shinier way to do something. I am impressed by the discipline of Etsy to remain true to what they feel is the right way to operate while still being undeniably successful.

I think it is the process of debt and support that keeps my options limited (in a good way). Every new thing must be maintained, monitoring and upgraded. This quickly stretches out the ability of a team to keep up on necessary security and configuration issues. I think every new thing must be defensible in its addition and all the better when it can be offered with the retirement of something old.